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I am Sapna Behl from Delhi, India living in Delhi, Ireland now Florida back in Ireland. I am married to the love of my life and have two beautiful daughters. By profession, I am a science teacher full time housewife. My hobbies are cooking and reading, mostly cookbooks and recipes :) :) It gives me immense pleasure to cook for my family and seeing the utmost satisfaction on their face. My husband is a scientist and a true admirer of mine. The idea of writing this blog for my passion of cooking belongs to him.

My Philosophy:
We all live, work, eat and pray. I mean each of us works hard to provide comfort life to his or her family. We work to earn fame, money to fulfill needs of life or must say to fill up our stomach.We do so much hard work to feed ourselves. I think that food part should be momentous.  It should be balanced, perfect and eaten with all family members unitedly.

Cooking My Passion:
I love cooking food and it is my passion since middle school. My friends used to play skipping, hide n seek but I was always busy in cooking something with mum in the kitchen. It was since 6th standard that cooking became my hobby. I used to collect recipes in my diary. After marriage, my mother in law became my mentor and told me her secrets of cooking delicious Punjabi food. So that's why  I am sharing all those recipes with you all. Here on the blog, you will find scrumptious and easy recipes from India and around the World.

I am looking forward to suggestions. Please do comments on my posts as it shall improve my cooking and posting.

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