Pear Passion Chia Smoothie Bowl


Pear Passion fruit Chia Smoothie Bowl: A filling and delicious smoothie bowl that is perfect for morning breakfast and will keep you energetic and full until your lunch break.

Continuing my second-day recipe with Chia seeds Drink/Smoothies,I made this nutritious and wonderful pear passion fruit and chia smoothie bowl.The refreshing flavour of passion fruit and taste of pears when combined together makes it a flavorful and yummy treat. I served this smoothie in one bowl only hoping my girls won't like it. But as I was finishing it after clicking they both came and asked what is inside the bowl? They tasted one spoon and then we all end up enjoying our smoothie from the same bowl. After knowing the buckets of health benefits of chia seeds I am trying to incorporate them into our diet every other day.

Blogging Marathon#68 Week1/Day2
Theme- 5 Ingredients/5 Categories
Day 2 Ingredient- Chia Seeds
Day 2 Category - Smoothies
Dish- Pear Passion Chia Smoothie Bowls


2 pears,peeled and chopped
2 passion fruits,pulp
1 frozen banana
2 cups milk
1 tablespoon chia seeds
Honey or sugar as required

Pear slices
the pulp of passion fruit
almonds,sliced or whole
sultanas or raisins
chia seeds

In a food processor or blender puree the frozen banana.Once pureed add the remaining ingredients and pulse a few
times until combined.
Pour the smoothie into two bowls and top with the toppings suggested here or of your choice.


Serve-2 Prep time-10 minutes

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Best regards,
Sapana Behl

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  1. Such a healthy smoothie bowl,looks so gorgeous with all those toppings.Perfect for breakfast,wiil try this soon..

  2. Smoothie bowls are such a rage these days. Loved your version of it :)

  3. This looks like a whole bowl full of goodness. The smoothie bowl looks so tempting..

  4. Looks so exotic Sapana..great choice..

  5. Smoothie bowl is tempting and inviting. Nicely presented

  6. Such a beautiful, exotic and absolutely filling smoothie bowl,just loving it.

  7. That is an amazing bowl of goodness, Sapana. Stunning pictures as well.

  8. Interesting take on a smoothie , would love to have and make it too . Excellent pick !

  9. That whole bowl is just so tempting! Love the way how you made it this attractive.

  10. Am intrigued by these smoothie bowls - see them everywhere on d net today ! Must make this N try

  11. That is a stunning bowl of goodness. Love the combo of ingredients that went into the bowl.

  12. This is one interesting smoothie bowl. Love the way you served. :-)

  13. That's a fantastic Smoothie bowl. Just the arrangement itself is tempting.

  14. Wow what a fantastic bowl of smoothie.

  15. Looks droolicious sapana! Filling and healthy

  16. Such a pretty looking smoothie bowl Sapana. Looks very filling and yummy.

  17. This smoothie is drool worthy..Alas!! i can only drool on it , as we don't get passion fruit here. I have taste it only in the form of a drink and just loved the flavor.

  18. This smoothie bowl looks so delicious. I make mango smoothie bowl, never tried with passion fruit.

  19. you have arranged the toppings very beautifully. The bowl looks delicious. Good choice for breakfast.

  20. Such a yummy and quick dish! Love the presentation


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