Virgin Mango Mojito


Virgin Mango Mojito an alcohol free version of the classic cocktail.Mojito is considered to be a Cuban cocktail made with rum ,soda,lime and sugar.What if you don't consume alcohol you can still make a mojito without alcohol and believe me, you won't miss  anything in it.I love mangoes in any form This refreshing mango mojito is just for you in the hot summer days.

I made only two servings of the mojito first time but after getting the thumbs up from family it has been prepared few times until our crate of mangoes finished.

Blogging Marathon#64 Week 1
Theme- Kids Delight Summer Coolers
Dish-Virgin Mango Mojito

Pulp from one mango,pureed
1 tablespoon lime juice
2 limes,cut in wedges
8-10 mint leaves
sugar to taste
2 cups sparkling water
crushed ice cubes as needed


Divide sugar, mint leaves and lime wedges into two serving glasses.
Add lime juice and muddle the contents of glass with back of spoon or ladle to extract the essential oils from mint and lime.
Pour in divided mango puree in the glasses.
Now fill them with crushed ice cubes.Pour in sparkling water or club soda.

Serve and enjoy.

Serve-2 Prep time-15 minutes

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Sending the Virgin Mango Mojito to Kids Delight event themed "Summer Coolers" of Valli's happening at PJ's space.

Best regards,
Sapana Behl

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  1. My god, you are torturing me with your summer coolers, stunning mojito, i can drink a gallon anytime.

  2. This mango drink looks so refreshing!

  3. Looks so much like summer. I can drink this all day

  4. This mango mojito looks awesome Sapana. Perfect for this scorching heat..

  5. The pictures are so stunning how lovely those mangoes are shaped!

  6. Such beautiful pictures... I wish it was a real treat than a virtual one... I would have grabbed a glass or two

  7. Mango mojoto looks yummy.Great for this summer! Nice pics.

  8. Mango is my favorite too , i love this mAngo drink , beautiful color n stunning pics .

  9. Wow what a stunning colour. Love the mango mojito.

  10. We love all versions of mojito. This is a particular fav.

  11. What a refreshing and delicious looking mango mojito. Perfect summer drink.

  12. Mango defines summer and this mojito is perfect to beat the heat!


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