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Cilantro Almond Pesto Pasta-A Guest post by Princy Vinoth

Today is another special day with a wonderful guest featuring on Cookingwithsapana. She is the very versatile +Princy Vinoth of Spicy Food . We met through blogging and when I asked her to do a guest post she immediately replied positively. Princy is blogging since 2008 and has an awesome collection of recipes with stunning clicks. I like the way she presents her food and adore many of her recipes like Lemon Muffins , Urad dal pooris and Chocolate crescents to try.Check out her space and enjoy the virtual treat of delicious recipes.

Over to Princy

I was really thrilled to see Sapana's request to do a guest post.I have known Sapanathrough the blogging world for some time now.I just love to see and drool over some of her yummy creations.I am excited to do my 2nd guest post at Sapana's space.

When Sapana asked me to do a guest post first thing I asked her for was time because these days I have to plan days ahead what to post when and I take pictures everytime I make something.Today for my second guest post I am sending some cilantro almond pesto pasta over to Sapana's space.

These days I'm a little busy having a toddler on the move and a hyper active 6 yr old.Onweekends I definitely want to unwind and making pasta is not only relaxing but I enjoy making it.This is a healthy yet tasty pasta which makes a lovely weekend dinner!

Preparation time 30 minutes

You need

Pasta (I used penne pasta) 1 cup

To make the sauce

Cilantro a generous bunch

Blanched almonds 5-6
Garlic pods 3
Cream cheese (or any other cheese of your choice) 1 tsp
Milk half cup
Salt to taste
Pepper crushed/powder half tsp
Butter 1-2 tsp

Cook the pasta and drain the water and keep aside.

Blanch almonds in some hot water and peel them.

In a blender add almonds,garlic, cilantro leaves and make a smooth paste adding little milk.

Heat butter in a pan, add the ground paste and cream cheese add salt and pepper to taste.

Toss the pasta into the sauce and add a little more milk.Let the pasta get coated with the sauce then turn off the heat.This will take about 5-7 minutes.

To top 
Brinjal rings
Tomato 1 small

To make brinjal rings 

Slice the brinjals into thin slices, toss them in salt and chilli powder.

Heat oil in a pan, fry the brinjal slices until crispy.

To serve

Plate the pasta, grate any cheese of your choice, and serve with spicy brinjal rings and chopped tomatoes.Enjoy green nutty cilantro pesto with crunchy vegetables.

Best regards,
Sapana Behl


  1. Lovely guest post and pics :) Looks delicious splly the closer view :)

  2. looks so creamy and yum... nothing like pasta on days u feel lazy!

  3. such a lovely post.. Hats off to both of you

  4. yummy pasta and a lovely guest post

  5. me too love pastas nowadays.. so easy and gets ready quick esp during no mood days..
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  6. Thanks fr the opportunity Sapana!

  7. Nice and yummy guest post dear...

  8. Pesto pasta looks really nice Princy..

  9. I love pasta so this is a comfort food for me .Lovely guest post sapana and princy

  10. Very delicious and comforting looking pasta.

  11. Very nice guest post dear and dish looks very creamy .

  12. I hopped over from Princy's blog. A dish with pesto in it is hard for me to resist and this dish is no exception!


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