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Round Up and Winner announcement

Thanks to  all the participants for posting their lovely recipes and making this event successful . I have organised the recipe iN descending order. I would like to congratulate the winners of the event and those who didn't win in any category don't loose their heart as I am going to announce another event in which after every 3 weeks one winner will be chosen. The event will be three months long. So stay tuned and ready for the forthcoming event............

From Daily swadh sugandh
  1. Bournvita coconut balls
  2. Orange pilaf
  3. POtato tomato poori
  4. Almond fritters
  5. Cheese brick sandwich
  6. Spicy garlic chutney
  7. Vada pav
  8. Coconut strawberry raita
  9. Paneer stuffed parantha
  10. Sweet mango pulao
  11. Youghurt fritters
  12. Cheese straw
  13. Mango lassi
  14. Plum juice
  15. Peanut macaroons
  16. Sprout parantha
  17. Sabudana delight
  18. Coconut melody
  19. Chola pindiwala
  20. Paneer katli
  21. Cauliflower masala
  22. Pani puri
  23. Chinese bhel
  24. Baingan raita
  25. Cheese and onion parataha
  26. Beetroot and carrot relish
  27. Green peas fritters
  28. Velvty cheese balls curry
  29. Rajasthani kadhi
  30. Chiense Vegetable soup
  31. Orange mango coconut refresher
  32. Methi matar makhana malai
  33. Matar mushroom curry
  34. Baingan ka bharta
  35. Chocolate cake
  36. Tricolor mug cake
  37. Pav bhaji

Entries From Food Maaza
  1. Pasta with Indian Flavors
  2. Methi Chana Dal pulav
  3. Sweet Potato Slices
  4. Multi grainKhichdi 
  5. Seyala Maani
  6. Uggani
  7. Pongal
  8. Quinoa Pulav
  9. Macroluyn Patata
  10. Potato Soup
  11. Savory carrot pancakes
  12. Makhani Dal
  13. Urad Dal Parathas
  14. Mixed Vegetable Soup
  15. Uttappam
  16. Beans parrapu usli
  17. Apple and kiwi halwa
  18. Shakar para
  19. Uli theeyal
  20. Masala papad
  21. Upitu
  22. Apple and kiwi tart
  23. Dhoklas
  24. Rasa vada
  25. Passion fruit mousse
  26. Pumpkin soup
  27. Namak para
  28. Urad ki khasta kachori
  29. 1 minute cake
  30. Mediterrenean chicpea
  31. Urad Vadi
  32. Tidaali dal
  33. Pastel
  34. Beeha
  35. Beans parantha
  36. Methi malai matar

From Home Cook Food
  1. 3 ingredients Energy Bar
  2. Yellow Thai Curry
  3. Tofu and Veg Manchurian
  4. Salsa verde
  5. Chole samosa chaat
  6. Chocolate chip cookie brittle
  7. Garden vegetable Wrap
  8. Mulligatawny Soup
  9. Waffle pizza
  10. Sweet and spicy pumpkin
  11. Spinach and sun dried quinoa salad
  12. Palak pakoda
  13. Cheesy potato nachos
  14. Greek pasta salad
  15. Caprese Sandwich
  16. Soya Potatoes
  17. Gavar nu
  18. Baingan Bhartha
  19. Stir fry chip
  20. Gujarati dal
  21. Chocolate rasgulla

From I think I am hungry
  1. Sprouts Corn Chaat

From Homely Food
  1. Chapati Roll
  2. Cucumber Cooler
  3. Pulav paratha
  4. Tri color sandwich
  5. Savory cookies
From  Easy to Cook Recipes
  1. Mixed vegetable Soup

From Motions and Emotions
  1. Soya Aloo Tikki
  2. Baby Potato stirFry
  3. Onion Cabbage Pakora
  4. Chilli Potato
  5. Kashmiri Paneer
  6. Chana Dal with Paneer
  7. Veg Pizza 
  8. Tofu Butter Masala
  9. Pumpkin fritters
  10. Green plantin dumplings
  11. Hing kachori
  12. Aloo posto
  13. Tomato Dates
  14. Lauki ki barfi

From  Food better be Good
  1. Easiest ChocolatePudding
  2. Savory crackers
  3. Cream of Sweet corn Soup
  4. Mooli kofta
  5. Tomato pulav

From What's cooking
  1. Okra stir fry
  2. Galia melon smoothie
  3. Mango vermicelli kheer

From Kitchen Serenity
  1. Sheer Khurma
  2. Batata vada

From Madapali temple's kitchen

  1. Udipi sambhar
  2. Tortilla soup

From Indian Delights
  1. Fried Potato Tadka

From The lady 8 home

  1. Minnie's sweet cheese dessert cups
From a non-blogger Vijeta

    1. Quick & Easy Peas Pulao

As mentioned in the announcement we will give certificates to 

Best Innovative Fast Freash Simple Recipe and that award goes to-

 Pooja Aggarwal of Daily Swad Sugandh's Sabudana delight

Top Contributor Award and that award goes to- 

1. Priya Anand Kumar of Yummy Foods

2. Pooja Aggarwal of Daily Swad Sugandh  


3. Shobha of Food Maaza


Best Click Recipe and that award goes to- Reni of Whats Cooking for Galia Mellon and Strawberry Smoothie


Name of first winner as selected via Random.org 
and the winner is
75............... Ms. Hetal Acharya from Gujrati Zaika

Name of second winner as selected via Random.org
and the winner is
157...............Fabu from Fabus Relish

Congratulations , You will get cookbook by Sanjeev Kapoor

Winners please send your Indian mailing address to my email id: sapana.behl@gmail.com within two days to collect your award or else another winner will be chosen.

Once again Thank You all.

I will be hosting another wonder event with giveaway . It will be a three months series of event and one winner will get Rs 500 Gift vouher every 3rd week.Will post the announcement soon.

Best regards,
Sapana Behl


  1. Wonderful roundup Sapana, congrats to both the winners Fabu and Mrs.Hetal
    Congrats Pooja for innovative and top contributor award.
    Congrats Reni for the best photography.
    Congrats Mrs. Shoba for the top contributor award...
    Thank you for Sapana for the wonderful event it was fun to participate in it...

  2. Congrats to all the winners and it was fun participating! :) Nice event

  3. Congrats to all the winners :) Thanks a lot for selecting my pic :) it was nice participating :)


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