Completing 6 months and event announcement with giveaway


Hello Everyone ! Greetings from me to all of you. Today I am very happy to share with you that my blog has completed 6 months . It's all because of your love , wonderful comments and cheerful blessings. I am organizing an event for the first time and hope you will all take part in it. The theme of this event is inspired from one of my favorite Chef and writer Donna Hay . Cooking the food in fast , fresh and simple way is her style. So ladies get set and cook anything fast , fresh and simple.Once again Thanks to my dear friends from blogosphere.

Starts 10thJuly 2013 and Close on 20th August 2013

Rules for the event
Cook anything Fast ! Fresh and Simple !!
5 archived posts are welcome .
Your post has to be vegetarian. No Eggs ! No Meat!!
The event has to be linked back as Fast!Fresh!Simple announced at cookingwithsapana (Compulsory). 10 points
You have to like Cooking With Sapana's FaceBook page and Follow cookingwithsapana  via GFC (Compulsory). 10 points
Comment after following the rules and linking the entry (Compulsory). 10 points
Mention about this event in separate post or paste the image with link in sidebar. (Do any one of these two .Compulsory ) 10 points
Usage of logo is optional but It would be nice if you could use it, as it would help to spread the word.
Please use the linky tool to link your recipes below. (Mention the name of the dish you make and not your name.)
Else Send a mail to with the subject line as Fast!Fresh!Simple and with the following details:
Your Name
Recipe Name
Blog Name
Recipe URL (Please send the Recipe URL and not the blog URL)
Picture of the recipe (If it is not on the blog)
Non bloggers are most welcome to participate. Just send me the recipe details with a click of the recipe to the above mentioned email.

Giveaway- Yes there is one giveaway. I will choose two lucky person through and honor them with surprise cookbook. The giveaway is open for all who can give their mailing address.
There will also be certificates for best innovative recipe, best click recipe, top contributor award.

Hope you all participate with enthusiasm!

Best regards,
Sapana Behl

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  1. Congrats sapna way to go, wish u many more success.
    Lovely event, will link in soon....

    1. Thanks Sapana, have added image to the sidebar and linked it back to ur announcement page...

  2. awesome wud love to participate and hv some easy dishes. wud do the needful soon
    by the way what is time limit for ur event

  3. Nice event Sapana......and congratulation......will send you my entry soon

    1. Hi Sapana,
      Yes i forgotten to add the image , sorry i will do it in my all recipes...

  4. Congratulations on completing 6 months :) Already following u via gfc and liked your fb page 2. would like up later when ur linky tool starts working

    1. Thanks Dear ! Will wait for your entries...

  5. interesting event...happy hosting dear..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  6. congrats sapna on completing 6 months....interesting event...

  7. Nice event Sapna,I have already rolled my sleeves :)

  8. following you already and FB too. linked already too.

  9. hey sapana I have a query

    the point u mentioned above
    Mention about this event in separate post or paste the image with link in sidebar. (Compulsory ) 10 points

    dos it mean we eithr put on side bar or make a new post abt ur give away
    or we hv to do both

    1. yes Meena ji you nhave to do any one of it.

  10. Hi Sapana,
    I am following you in GFC, liked your fb page (Yummyfoods-priyasvirundhu)Iam not able to download the image to place it in my sidebar. if you can send it in my email it will be better.
    If you can send the image, i can start linking in the recipes...
    Thank you sapana...

    1. Will send you the image . Thanks dear !

  11. Congrats Sapana.. wishing you all the success in years to come !
    I will definitely participate and link my recipes soon.
    Happy Hosting !

  12. Hi Sapana.
    I have fulfilled all the points mentioned above.
    Liked you on Fb (Shobha Keshwani)
    Following on GFC (Shobha Keshwani)
    Added about the giveaway in the side bar of my blog-
    Linked my first entry (new) Pasta with Indian Flavours

  13. Congrats Sapna .......wish you many more success :)
    Way to gal !! Happy Hosting :)

  14. Hi sapna i linked the chapati roll here and i am already following you via gfc

    how ever i cant find ur facebook page link

    also made a separate post about ur give away

    do i hv to add logo to the post

    let me know and about face book too

    1. Thanks Meena ! Will fix the problem.

    2. ok done liked ur fb page as meena bhatia and gfc well i think u hv to search in ur list coz i m there very much

  15. Hi Sapana,

    Congratulations for completing 6 months and lovely giveaway.

    I following you through GFC (Amrita Roy)
    I have liked your FB page (Amrita Adak)

    I have also placed about your event at my side bar

    Best Regards

  16. Hi Sapana

    My First entry is Soya Tikki

  17. Hi Sapana

    My Second entry is Baby Potato Stir Fry

  18. Hi Sapana

    My Third entry is Onion Cabbage Pakora

  19. Hi Sapana

    My Fourth entry is Chilli Potato

  20. Hi Sapana

    My Fifth entry is Kashmiri Paneer

  21. Hi Sapana

    My Sixth entry is Chana Dal with Paneer

  22. Hi Sapana..
    my 1st, 2nd & 3rd entries ( new )
    1. Pasta with Indian Flavours
    2. Methi Chana Dal Pulao
    3. Sweet Potato Slices

    Archived and re-posted ( as mentioned 5 entries )
    1. Multi-grain Khichdi
    2. Seyala Mani
    4. Pongal
    5. Quinoa Pulao

    More new entries will be posted soon.

  23. Congrats on reaching a milestone Sapana..
    Happy hosting.
    Lovely event. I followed all rules. Do let me know if I missed any.
    Linked in my Instant Jalebi recipe
    Liked you on FB with name: sangeetha shreenidhi
    Following on GFC: sangu
    Blogpost URL:
    Displayed the event in sidebar:

  24. My 9th entry - Macrolyun Patata

  25. Hi Sapna,

    I have linked another dish...Tofu Butter Masala

  26. Hi Sapna,

    I have linked Tofu Butter masala...I have followed all the rules please let me know if I have missed any

  27. hey I am here for the first time. Nice giveaway.

    Following you.

    -Raksha's Kitchen

  28. My 10th Entry - Savoury Carrot Pancakes.

  29. My 11th entry - Potato soup

  30. oops forgot sbt this and just linked one archived post which i reposted

    cucumber cooler is the archived one

    and fresh one was chapati roll

    wud link other dishes soon

  31. My 12th entry - Makhni Dal - Puri

  32. Hi Sapana
    I have followed the rules.

    I have linked one entry

    Happy hosting

  33. Hi sapna just linked my third entry a fresh one

    pulao paratha

  34. Congrats Sapana! I've linked 3 or 4 entries and I've linked back one of them. I re-read the rules and just thinkinf of editing all the others makes my head spin :) am seriously lazy.. Will try my best to abide.. Happy hosting!

  35. Congratulations and wish you all the best.

  36. My 13th entry - Urad Dal Parathas

  37. Congrats ! Great event ,have linked my entries..
    Have liked your facebook page too - my id (Reni's space)..

  38. My 14th entry - Mixed Vegetable Soup.

  39. Hi sapana i m also absent minded just linked one tri color sandwich now for ur lovely event
    wud do others soon before the event ends

  40. My 15th entry - Uttappam

    16th entry - Beans Paruppu Usili

  41. Hi sapana,
    Linked my entries here, like your fb page, follow you G+, and post image in my sidebar.

  42. Linked my next entry Sapana Pressure Cooker Eggless Butterless Sponge Cake

  43. My 17th Entry - Apple & Kiwi Halwa

  44. My 18th entry - Shakkar Para

  45. Hi sapana I just linked savory cookies

    i know i m bit slow in linking but slow in posting too
    its fresh entry

  46. My 19th entry - Ulli Theeyal

  47. My 20th entry - Masala Papad

  48. My 22 nd entry - Apple and Kiwi Tarts ( Eggless )

  49. First time on ur blog.............Glad to know you......My entry will soon....

  50. My 25th entry - Passion Fruit Mousse ( Eggless )

  51. Linked my next entry Dry fruits shrikhand

  52. My 26th entry - Pumpkin Soup

  53. Linked next- Akki Unde/ Steamed Rice Dumplings

  54. Linked next- vegetable manchow soup

  55. Linked next Dill leaves and Cucumber Raita

  56. My 27th Entry - Namak Para

  57. My 28th entry - Urad ki Khasta Kachori

  58. My 29th entry - 1 Minute Microwave Mug Cake (eggless)

  59. My 30th entry - Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

  60. My 31st entry - Urad Vadi Pulao

  61. My 32nd entry - Tidaali Dal

  62. Hey Sapana..

    I am following you in GFC, liked your FB page (Kitchen Serenity).. I have posted a link of your event on my sidebar too.. Happy hosting dear :-)

  63. I hav followed U in GFC,liked in FB,linked back the posts and posted a link on the sidebar of ur event too...I have linked five of my recipes to the event....Happy hosting dear...

  64. Fabulous event :) Congratulations and hope you celebrate many many anniversaries. I posted Sweet Cheese cups. Do check out my blog and participate in my event of Dinner Extravaganza:

  65. Hi Sapana.

    Congratulations for completing 6 months and lovely giveaway.
    I have fulfilled all the points mentioned above.
    Liked you on Fb (Sadhana Padmanabhan)
    Following on GFC (Sadhana) Padmanabhan
    I pasted the image in my sidebar
    Linked two of my recipes to the event. (159 Tortilla Soup, 160 Udipi Sambhar

    All the best & Happy hosting dear

  66. Nice event, Linked my 1st entry.

  67. Nice Event Sapana.. I've followed all your rules and linked my 2nd entry.

    Liked you on Fb (Pooja Agrawal)
    Following on GFC (Pooja Agrawal)
    I pasted the image in my sidebar (


  68. Linked my 3rd entry - Potato Tomato Poori

  69. Linked my 4th entry - Cheese brick sandwich

  70. Hi Sapana....Lovely event.Congrats for completing 6 great months
    I hav followed all the rules
    GFC Name : Fabus Relish
    Facebook Name : Fabus Relish

    I have linked a new entry Creamy Fruit Pudding

    I hav also linked 4 Archived and reposted entries
    1 Pola
    2 Sweet Lassi
    3 Velleppam
    4 Vegetable Curry
    5 Chana Masala

  71. Hi Sapana,Am sorry
    Pola and sweet lassi wasn't archived ones.They were fresh posts.
    Am also linking one more archived entry "Avial"

  72. Hi Sapana,
    I shall list the names once again

    Archived Entries
    1 Velleppam
    2 Vegetable Curry
    3 Chana Masala
    4 Oothappam
    5 Hot and Sweet Salad

    Fresh Entries
    1 Creamy Fruit Pudding
    2 Pola
    3 Sweet Lassi

  73. Hi Sapana,
    I have linked altogether 36 entries (including 5 archive entries) mentioned below and I followed all your rules mentioned. Please check and confirm..

    1. Vada Pav (Indian Burger)
    2. Pav Bhaji
    3. Tri color Mug cake in a minute
    4. Chocolate Cake (Using yogurt, Eggless, butterless)...
    5. Baingan Ka Bharta (Mashed Eggplant with Indian spi...
    6. Mutter Mushroom Curry / Greenpeas-mushroom curry
    7. Methi Mutter Makhana Malai
    8. Orange-mango-coconut refresher
    9. Chinese Vegetable Salad
    10. Rajasthani Kadhi (Yogurt based Curry)
    11. Velvety Cheese Balls Curry
    12. Green Peas and Mint Fritters
    13. Beetroot and Carrot Relish (Kachumber)
    14. Cheese and Spring Onion Stuffed Paratha
    15. Eggplant yogurt dip / Baingan ka Raita
    16. Chinese Bhel
    17. Pani Puri (Gol-Gappe)
    18. Cauliflower-Capsicum Green Masala
    19. Orange Pulao / Pilaf
    20. Cheese Brick Sandwich
    21. Paneer-Coconut Katli
    22. Chola (Chickpeas) Pindiwala
    23. Potato-Tomato Poori
    24. Almond Fritters / Badam Pakora
    25. Coconut-Melon Melody
    26. Sabudana (Sago) Delight
    27. Sprout and Paneer stuffed Tomato Paratha
    28. Peanut Butter Coconut Macaroons
    29. Plum Juice (Aaloobhukhara sharbat)
    30. Bournvita and Coconut Balls
    31. Strawberry Banana and Mango Lassi
    32. Cheese Straws (Regular and whole wheat carrot) (Archive)
    33. Paneer stuffed Beetroot Paratha (Archive)
    34. Yogurt and Sago fritters / Sabudana Pakode (Archive)
    35. Sweet Mango Coconut Pulao (Pilaf) (Archive)
    36. Fresh Coconut and Strawberry Raita (Yogurt Dip) (Archive)

    Pooja Agrawal

  74. My 33rd Entry - Methi Malai Matar

  75. My 34th entry - Beans Parathas

  76. Hey Sapana.. Linked my 2nd recipe.. Sheer khurma.. Happy hosting dear :-)

  77. My 35th entry - Beeha Patata Daag Mein

  78. hi Sapna linked 37th entry as Spicy garlic chutney!

  79. linked 37th entry- as spicy garlic chutney..


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